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paleotechnics:(n) ancient arts and technologies

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Click here for pdf of article on Paleotechnics published in the Ukiah Daily Journal on 9/17/09.

Click here to read article on Paleotechnics published in the San Francisco Chronicle on 2/12/04.

Go to the History Channel site for airing times of the show entitled
Modern Marvels: Leather which features Paleotechnics in the braintanning section.

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Basic living skills such as making string from plant & animal fibers, making fire by twirling a wooden shaft, making & using stone tools, tanning furs & skins, and identification of useful edible & medicinal plants are everyone's heritage. Without these skills our ancestors would have perished and none of us would be here today. If they did them, then so can we.

In today's hi-tech modern world, it's easy to lose sight of the basics, but we believe that many ancient skills remain worthy of preservation.

Re-discovering old ways living skills and learning to use natural materials to make what we need can bring us closer to our past, show the present in a unique perspective, and can shine a light on where we are headed in the future.

We might also evolve a deeper appreciation of the net which sustains us and some of its individual threads, increase our self confidence and find a great feeling of accomplishment.

Join us in keeping
these old ways alive.

This site is intended as an introduction to the world of ancient living skills.

A calendar of scheduled events and classes is updated through the year,
and the articles , links, and photos might set you on a path
to seeing the world around you in a different light.

We send out emails a couple times a year on schedule updates for
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